It was a long hard way and a half year of work after I was able zu finish this project. So here is my story:

In summer 2008 I was still stunned of World of Warcraft Tier sets of the Druid. After I finished Druid Tier 1 and Tier 3 I searched of a new challenge, a new project which will give me new expieriences, new techniques and materials. I searched the roots of the Druid Tier 1 looked and found the Druid Tier 6 set in my model-viewer.

Warcraft Cosplay

There was a lot of luck that I found the right patterns for this: Teflon leather (I think it’s called swedenleather, too.) It’s normally used for upholstered furnitures and it’s buckskin look was just perfect for the wild, natural Druid Tier 6 set. It was sold for a very low price in my drapery and had a great attribute: My boyfriend was able to give it great details by soldering the fabric. Just take a look:

Warcraft Cosplay

(Here you see the finished front part of my skirt.)

I was very easy to sold the fabric. You just need a steady hand and a bit of fantasy.

Feathers and a fake fur worked also gread for a natural look So, here are some progress photos:

Warcraft Cosplay

Oh, I look so silly here!

Warcraft Cosplay
Warcraft Cosplay

Sometimes the easiest way is best way… I tried a lot, to start with this, searched for bra patterns, cut a lot of rubbish out of my look-a-like leather and still didn’t get it the right way…

But finally I just took an old bra an some glue and began trying… This method was really the best and so I almost finished my work on this part.

Warcraft Cosplay

In the last months of my project I tried to loose some weight and I hope you see, that I was successful. I lost about 14 pounds for this night elf cosplay and was very satisfied with the result.

I glued a lot of the costume with hot glue because it was just easier than sewing it. There are a lot of single parts on it, like the skirt, the soldered front skirt part, the covering skirt layer with fake fur and featers, the bra, gloves and the bracers. All of this I put together with some Velcro tape, which was glued on every part.

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