My god… the last 4 weeks were a living hell for me! I had SO much to do, because deadline was April 9th! But… what should I say? I finally managed it. At 2:30 at night on April 10th…

And here we’re going on:

It was a hard way to build the final version and I need 3 tries to manage this. My last solution was to take the pattern of my cosplay partner (she also did an Aion armor set) and copy this. Just the boob part was my solution, because I didn’t manage to build it out of 2 wonderflex stripes so I tried it with 4. The problem with this was that I got some ugly wonderflex borders which I covered with some pieces of friendly plastic. Then I covered the boob part with a bit of gesso and pressed the wonderflex/friendly plastic part on a solid ground to get a smooth surface. After this step I added the stripes for the back and covered everything with a lot of gesso. Finished!

Now I built my collar out of 3 seperate patterns and the last parts, my side armor, followed.

I have to say that I was very afraid of sewing my bodysuit but I was surprised how easy it is to work with lycra. I needed one weekend for this suit, but I am really proud on my work.

 I also planned to fix my armor with a belt system on my body, but in the end I threw this away…

And here is a picture of my claws. I build them a second time and used leather now. It was much better than the solid wonderflex solution.

 And I finished my hip armor. A lot of fixing test followed.

 One of the hardest painting parts was my breastplate. I’m SO happy, that my boyfriend helped me out so much. So it got an awesome look despite of all of this radioactive pink…

He he, I have to say, that my collar is one of my favorite parts of my costume. I love the little tiny wings!

And then… after 6 months of hard work… I was done! The complete painting job was done! You don’t believe how glad and relieved i was about this!

Now I just had to manage to fix my armor on my body. This was the most difficult step on this costume and I tried SO many methods until I found the right one!

Someday I also had to make my wig. It was my very first try to style a wig and I was SO afraid of this, but in the end I was really satisfied with the result.

Then followed the last week. The worst of the last cosplay year. I have never been so stressed in these days and it was just aweful to think about the coming deadline. My hole day consisted of visiting my university and finish my costume. And everytime when I thought that it’s almost done I found some new details I had to add. Normally I’m always finished some months or weeks before the first debut, but this time I had a very long last night. And finally… at 2:30 at night on April 10th it was finally done and I put it on the very first time! It was an amazing feeling and I was SO happy about first look in my mirrow. Yeah… I will never forget this moment!

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