Unfortunately I had a long time to wait to see my Aion Asmodian costume done and so I was very excited to take a photoshoot with it. After some thinking about the right location for it we finally found an awesome looking castle ruin near Nuremberg. So, I prepared and repaired my cosplay and hoped for a good weather. And I have to say, it was amazing! The weather was perfect, the location was really awesome and our both photographers did a great job!

So… just take a look:

You will find the rest of the pictures on my cosplay.com gallery.

He he, and if you are interrested, here is our cosplay skit in this costume. I wish you a lot of fun!

Btw: We didn’t need to act a lot!

And now… I will keep on working on my Druid Tier 8 set, my Elyos cloth set and my Bayonetta costume, he he! Oh… and there are some weapons still waiting! So… will not be bored!

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