It was a very long hard way and last weekend I finally finished my Druid Tier 8 costume. So here are some progress pictures:

I coverd my pauldron with a last finishing paper machè layer, added some lines into this with my dremel and installed a light effect.

It was a very simple circuit, but I love how it turns out at the end!

Then my boyfrieds started with his paint job and gave it an amazing look. I just love his work!

 And this was the finish result.

Later my staff got a new look. I was not really satiesfied with her old paint and her round spikes, so she get new ones.

She also got finally her buttom, which I also made of expanding foam and paper maché like her head.

So she grew a bit!

My boyfriend gave her a new paint, too. Now she looks a bit more wild an natural.

As you can see she also got some light effects and so this was the finished result!

I also had to finish my robe and this had a LOT of details! Sometimes I really thought, that the designers of Blizzard was just crazy and just wanted to annoy cosplayers!

And so after some months of work, about 700 euros and a lot of pain and desperation every part comes together… and…


As you can see I was not alone. This year I had two cosplay partners: My roomie and a good friend and we were a worgen druid (mostly in human form) in purple Tier8 version, a troll druid (Cataclysm!) in red Tier8 version and a night elf druid in green Tier8 version. I just loved my group and I’m also looking forward for next year!

And now I have to finish my next costume. He he, I’m never able to make a break!

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