After finishing my Druid Tier 8 costume I was so looking forward to a nice private photo-shooting with my boyfriend. The weather was not the best, but I wanted to use the last week in Germany (I will make a trip for almost 4 weeks to California) for taking some photos:

Unfortunately the sun hid itself behind some clouds, so the contrast was not the best. But we will repeat this shooting soon enough.

You see, I finally added my moon, too. It was a very easy contruction of a serial connection with a battery and a switch, but the result was just stunning. I’m so happy that I built this last part, too!

For the next shooting I really have to build some glowing spheres, like the ones I already used for my shoulders. Surely they will give much better lighting effects than these tea candles.

He he! And our ‘light painter’ has to exercise a bit more!

But for the next costumes I definetely have to add light effects, too. The result is just stunning!

And now, after seeing the final photos, I SO want to visit Blizzcon again! It’s so frustrating, that I’m not able to be there, just because of it’s date in October. I will be in California this month, but in October my studies start again and I have no money just to fly for a weekend to LA again!

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