In the last few weeks I worked on a further costume: My Elyos cloth set from Aion – Tower of Eternity.

After finishing all of these costumes, which I tried to make them as original and accurate as possible I just searched for some fun. So, I just sat at my sewing machine, looked a lot of different movies on TV or heared some crazy music, and enjoyed the progress of making a costume. I didn’t care much about the reference or tried to make it perfect. My only goal was having fun and getting a nice dress at the end. So, here is the progress!

Like all of my costumes, this also started with sewing some quares of fabric together. I’m really bad at this job, and have no idea of fabrics, patterns or techniques, but I always try to do my best and never give up. And as everytime I didn’t use any patterns, so I’m really proud of finding the right way for this costume.

Here you see my top in a complicated form. In the middle is the back part and left and right you’ll find a bra cup.

This is one of my sleeves and I guess, you can see, how much fun I had by creating this costume, he he!

And this is my head piece. I couldn’t find good references for the ingame models so I designed one by myself. But I guess, it fits really well!

And now… it’s done!
I love how shiny and glittering it turned out to be at the end and I really had a lof of fun sewing this, dispite of me not being a big fan of sewing. But it was awesome to be really free, also if it’s not really similar to the reference. I don’t really care about this and I’m looking forward to the next con in two weeks, when I’m able to wear this and for the final photoshooting. And then, I hope to finish my staff I began to build but didn’t manage to finish in time.

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