In the last time I got some questions about the materials I use. It’s hard for me, to find the right meaning or the right words for a specific material, because I just don’t know if it’s the right one or not. So, I want to show you some pictures!

Paper mache and modeling clay:

You see, paper mache is this stuff, which needs a bit water to become a sticky compound. The modeling clay I use is from the brand Efaplast and is very lightweight and easy to work with. But it also dries very fast and is very breakable.

Expanding foam:

I guess, you don’t have my brand in your country. I use expanding foam from Lugato, because it’s just the cheapest I could find. I heard in the US it calls great stuff. And as you can see, it’s in a pressurized can.

Painter’s tape:

It’s just the stuff you use, if you want to paint your room. The brand doesn’t matter.

I odered my Wonderflex on and if you live in Germany, you can try it on

For my makeup I use Kryolan Supracolor. Also if it’s not perfect, I’m very satiesfied with the finish results.

And since my Aion plate set I use a body suit for the blue skin color. It’s much more comfortable and easier to wear than real make up.

Now I’m working on a new sword for a cosplay skit: (Flarestorm’s Sword from Aion)

This time I used balsa wood and insulation foam for the base. I’ll need this weapon for a fight cosplay skit, so it’s just perfect because it’s very lightweight. And I’m very free and my work again. Sure, I often wish to be able to use wood or materials like Sintra or just something new. But I don’t have the money to import something special from the US or have the space for new tools. It’s a bit depressing, but I hope this will change soon.

As you can see, I used expanding foam to cover the wooden staff and to model this dragon head on the sword. Now I still have to find a better material than paper mache to cover it. It need something that is lighter but firmer.

And last weekend I finally wore my Aion cloth set costume:

It was very comfortable and so diffrent then a Warcraft costume. He he, and I felt so girlish. Yeah, I really like it and to hope to get a photoshoot soon, but the weather in Germany is just so bad!

And I got some very nice new Tier 8 picutres from Squirrel of Doom. Thank you for your awesome work!

By the way: I have an facebook account now:

Svetlana Quindt | Erstelle dein Profilbanner

So, follow me!

Thank you for reading!

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