Maybe I should learn to take a break someday. At the moment I’m really, really exhausted. My studies and my work require a lot of time and I can’t wait for the two weeks of Christmas holidays. I have a lot to do, but despite this I put almost every free minute into my costumes. My next costume needs to be done by March and I still don’t know which one it should be. Unfortunately I have no Wonderflex anymore to keep on working on my Demon Hunter armor. So it was Druid T9 again:

My robe is still a huge unfinished puzzle and it annoys me a bit that I’m so slow in the sewing process. I can build almost every basis for a prop/armor/weapon in a few hours, but I need days for simple fabric parts. And I have to create this costume twice, for me and my boyfriend. I guess it will be a long hard way until both costumes are done.

Meh… I also need six of these leather parts and this one alone needed 3 evenings of work. As you can see I used my old furniture leather again. I found it in many colors and thicknesses at my fabric shop, and I love its nice wild leather look, so it’s just perfect for my druid costumes. This time I had to create a bark look and used a soldering gun and Copics for this step. Hopefully the leather won’t lose the Copic color in the sun again (I had to repaint my Druid T8 several times!). It was really a lot of work for me to solder and for my boyfriend to paint. It sucks a bit that this piece is only a part of the costume’s backside. Nobody will notice all this work, but I can’t leave the hotel with a costume I’m not satisfied with.

I also made another video for you:

Maybe I didn’t explain enough things this time, but it was more important for me to show how I work. Many of you asked for it and I hope that you can see now that it’s really, really easy to work with expanding foam! :)
I guess I should film my carving process next time, as well. It’s really fun to see how a piece of expanding foam transforms into an organic shape.

Now I’m really looking forward to the last convention for this year, where I will give another workshop about prop making there. I’m also looking forward to many nice hours behind my sewing machine. So, I hope you’ll stay busy as well!
See you guys later! :)

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