Uuuuuuh, a long time past since my last entry and I’m glad to say you, that my Alexstrasza costume is finally done! Today I had a really nice photoshooting my boyfriend and his brother, already had a job with this costume at Dark Moon Fair Koln and I’m just super happy that I’m able to keep on working on my old projects. But at first… I want to show you, how I worked!
In my last entry I showed you my techniques to create the armor out of foam and I told you, that I already had to redo my bra. Some time later I noticed, that I’m also not satisfied with other parts of my costume. I was not really happy with my leg armor because it was pretty hard “to control” such large pieces of foam. Wonderflex was much easier to handle and so I tried it a second time with a different material:
This result ftis just perfect to my legs, is very comfortable and very stable. And I also redid the upper leg armor.
As you can see I used to parts of Wonderflex for this part. And I also managed to apply the golden borders much more cleaner than before, because I worked with hot glue and was able to stretch the foam this time.
And this was the final result. God, the golden parts took so much time and it was very frustrating to be alsmost done for three weeks! All of my armor was complete done, but only the golden parts were missing. And this was the reason, why I was not able to finish it in time for the very first convention of this year: Animuc near Munich.
Everything was done!
My gloves were done…(The claws are made of Wonderflex btw.)
My bracers were done…
My necklace was done…
My tiny, armored panty was done…
And my shoes were done…
Argh, just everything was done! Just… some tiny, little parts were missing and I gave it up at 2 am in the morning and went to bed.
The convention at the upcoming weekend was pretty awesome, despite of I was pretty sad that Alexstrasza wasn’t there with me. But now I had enough time for the very last steps.
I redid my pauldrons, improved the fixing of some armor parts and changed some things I didn’t liked before.
And then… finally I was done and started with my very first job for Cryptozoic as Alexstrazsa at Dark Moon Fair Koln. God, and it’s so awesome that I can show you this picture and tell you, that I was just working!
Woah, this weekend was really awesome! I had so much fun with all the nice players there, the staff team was just awesome and I got some amazing presents. Ha ha, and I lost only two times in these two days agains the players and now I cannot wait to fight against the next heros. The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is just full of fun and despite of I’m still a beginner I complete fall in love in this game! :)
Okay, but now back to Alexstrasza: I guess many of you couln’d not wait to see the first photos and so I also was not able to wait longer for a photoshooting. It’s still too cold in Germany and so I tried it this time at a professional photo studio of the brother of my boyfriend. And before you ask: Yeah, I wanted to use a bodypaint to give me a tan, but it didn’t worked like I hope (my face became red and not brown!) and the date for the photoshooting was already fixed. I hope, I will be able to find a better bodypainting color for the next time. But I guess the result is fine even without the right skin color. So, just take a look!
I hope you also liked the result also as much as I do!
At the end I want to thank some awesome guys and companies for all their support:
Thanks to Cryptozoic Entertainment for this awesome commision!
Thanks to Apotheosis Agency and Jo-Jo Chen for all their trust, motivation and kindness!
Thanks to Dazian Fabrics and myCostumes for the material support!
Thanks to Benjamin and JakobSchwarz for this wonderful photoshoot!
 And thanks to all of you for your wonderful feedback!
And now I have go back to work. Druid Tier 9 male and female from World of Warcraft is still waiting for me. Be busy too, guys! :)
Oh, and if you want to read the full story of this costume just follow my cosplay progress page on facebook!
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