Uh, so much stuff happend in the last week and as always I was super, super busy. And I still am.
The exams of my study started and I had to learn a lot. I decided to create a new costume for the next conventions. I created my own wedding dress for my wedding (which was now two weeks ago and I got more new awesome jobs.
Now my exams are over and I’m able to spend all my time and creativity in my new project: Wizard from Diablo III:
I decided on this cosplay pretty sponanous. There were only a few weeks left for the next convention and I was not in the mood to keep on working on my Druid Tier 9 or my Demon Hunter. And I wanted to create a further costume for Blizzcon and Dragoncon, which should be corfortable and wouln’t need a lot of space in my suitcase. And then I discovered this artwork from the awesome Blizzard artist Glowei. It was just perfect and I was sure I would be able to finish this costume in three weeks.
So, two weeks are over now thus far I was pretty succesful.
At first I did a lot of research and especially the fabric choice was a pretty important decision. My final choice was a combination of silk satin and china jaquard:
The pattern of the dress was not easy in addition. The artwort is full of light and dynamic and it’s not easy to imagine what kind of pattern I need for the right shape of the dress. Well, I gave my best and hoped, it would look at least a bit similar to the reference.
Sadly my reference picture has a pretty bad resolution, but the artwork itself is full of tiny details. So, it was really hard for me to guess what I had to create. At the end I used my fantasy to bring some parts of this artwork to life. And wonderflex, ha ha. The big metallic parts are made out of it and the rest is made of a ton of beads, chains and cord. I also was not sure, if I like the result, but when all parts slowly came together I was more and more satiesfied with my work.
I’m also not really good in sewing. I’m able to create huge armors, gigantic swors shiny glowing stuff, but I’m scared of the easiest sewing jobs. So the top was pretty hard for me and it was also not really easy to work with china jaquard and silk.That’s the reason why I’m really proud of this result, despite of it’s really bad sewed and has a lot of flaws.
Here you see one of my “fantasy results”. I used a lotus for many parts, because it fits well to this costume and is used often for chinese artworks. I still have no idea what’s exactrly in the original artwork, but I guess a lotus flower is a acceptable reaplacement.
And before you ask: Yes, I covered the Wonderflex with about ten layers of Gesso before I painted it. I simply used acrylic metallic colors and fnished it with gloss. Both was applied with a brush.
Maybe you noticed it guys, but my fabric choice has a critical mistake: I don’t have any dragons or lines and is just red. In addition the china jackqard has too many, too tiny dragons and lines. I really tried to find a fabric with these paintings, but had no chance. So the only way was to paint the fabric by myself. As you can see I used a dragon template in three diffrerent sizes (I bought the two of them, the biggest one was created by my husband for me). I started the paint today until my colors ran out. Now I have to buy more tomorrow and hope to be able to finish it.
You see, the costume is almost done and I’m really, really satiesfied with the result. Now I just need some further details, the boots and bracers. The artwork shows also three weapons, but I know I have no time to create them. Despite of I’ll try to built the staff this week. So wish me luck and look forward for the first final photos. And as always you can follow my progress live on my cosplay progress page on facebook.
And before I’ll leave you, here are some photos of my self made wedding dress and of my wedding:
You see, I’m a married woman now. Alexstrasza found her Korialstrasz and I hope to share many wonderful cosplay projects with my husband soon. So be good and don’t flirt too much with me next time, ha ha! :)
And now I have to keep on working and hope you are also creative and busy as always! See you soon, guys!
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