Sometimes it really seems like the weather hates me. After an awesome sunny weekend but without any photographers, we got a cloudy and dark one with too many photographs. Well, I really really wanted to show you my costume with another photoshoot, so my cosplay partner Selina, my husband and another friend tried to do our best. Sadly the weather is also the reason, why you almost never see any sky, but I guess despite of this the results are still good.
And this next one again is just a photo manipulation which was made by my husband for me. I love it and I hope I’ll get more of them soon! (And if you want to see more here you’ll find more photos!)
At the moment I’m still working on my Wizard photos (I love this photo manipulation stuff and want to try it by myself!), but I also continued with my old project: Druid Tier 9. I had to pause it because of Alexstrazsa, my wedding and the Wizard. I also have to admid that I just was tired of creating almost the same costumes again and again. It’s not a challenge for me anymore and so I use my holidays well and try to finish it as quickly a possible. Three weeks should be enough!
One of the problems was the huge effort for creating all the barken parts and to add the curvy patterns. My “teflon leather” was again perfect for the barken look and I used painters tape with my dressform to get the right patterns for the costume.
Well, and I’ll also become a Christmas tree again! I just love costumes with lights, despite of it makes the costumes sometimes much harder to create. This part was a bit tricky, because it’s just one single circuit which cables over the whole costume inside. So, it was somewhat difficult to always find the right cable for the right LED because of the lenght of the cables.
However here you see, that it was really not a big deal. The LEDs were casted inside of the gems and became a part of them. I just added them the moment before the resin became solid. You see, I created the mold of some parts of PVC foil, glued them together and filled the result with resin.

Then I had to create the connection. Here you see a very, very simple one: A LED connected with a switch and a 3V battery. All I did was cutting a hole into my fabric, glued the gem on, created the circuit and fixed everything with hot glue. I also noticed that hot glue is just awesome to cover soldering connections or breakable parts like the tiny legs of the LED. Everything is covered well with this stuff and I’m sure it will survive every convention well!

The bra was also easier than I thought. I used the same technique, I already used for Alexstrasza’s bra: I covered the bra I need with painters tape, drawed it’s shape on, cut it out and copied the pattern at my fabric. Now I just needed to glue the fabric on and the bra was alsmost done!
And this is the result so far. I’m still not satiesfied with some of the parts and I have to edit or add some stuff, but it’s done pretty soon. And yeah, I really cannot wait until this project found it’s way to into my closet where all of my other costumes are. Then it’s finally time for a new challenge, a real challenge and I guess, I will have a lot of fun!
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