Puh, Blizzcon is pretty close now and slooowly I need to hurry. At the moment I’m working on my husband’s Nightelf Druid Tier 9 version. The progress is pretty much the same it was for my own costume before so I don’t show you a lot of stuff. And I work without any sense or order, because I know excatly what I need to do and it would be so weird to show you how I work here and there just a bit. Yeah, it’s a pretty boring project and I guess, I will never every copy a costume again. (So please don’t ask me, if I want to cosplay Ysera or Sylvannas, ha ha!)
The only difficulty I have this time is the size of the pauldrons. I thought a long time about it, but at the end I decided to reduce the original size. Well, here you see the original and my planned size and I guess you can understand me…
Benni is not a Nightelf and he also doesn’t have Nightelf’s arms or torso and I guess, it would look just stupid if he would wear these huge monsters. And… there would be no chance to transport them to Blizzcon, ha ha!
Well, and I also hoped to be able to show you the second part of the Nightelf Tier 9 shooting, but sadly it failed a lot yesterday. Everything was wrong that could be wrong and the results were just awful. In addition my Druid Tier 8 staff, Ony, was damaged and I hurt my food, which still hurts a lot. But there are these days sometimes and you’re not able to do anything against it. I try to do my best of it and learn to make it better next time!
Meh… but here are some sad results…
Despite of this fail I tried to use the rest of my weekend well and made a new tutorial for you. Really a lot of you guys asked me how to fix armor parts and it’s always hard to explain it. Now I’m able to give you the link to this video and hope this helps you. Youtube was an awesome invention!
Well, and that’s all. I’ll keep on working now, will post my pictures when there will be progress and until that… stay busy and creative guys! :)
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