Woah, three pretty stressful weeks are behind me. Last time I told you, that I’m just working on my husband’s costume and today I can tell you that it is pretty much done. It’s about 10 pm at the moment and tomorrow morning I will finally fly to Los Angeles and will stay there for a super awesome week. And for BLIZZCON!

I’m pretty excited now. Not only because of my trip and an awesome weekend in Anaheim, but especially because I will share all my passions with my husband the first time. And I really hope, he will love it as much as I do. But enough of words, let’s me show you some progress!

Again, everything started with the borken parts, but this time it was much easier to create the whole costume. I just needed to copy the work steps of my own costume and just make it a bit bigger.

However it was pretty difficult to sew the basic parts since I’m not able to work with measures, didn’t had a fitting dress form or any patterns. So… I had to sew blind and hoped it will fit when Benni came home and I was able to fit my patterns. Luckly I had a lot of luck and didn’t need to change a lot. Even the corset almost fit!

Sadly I had the same problem with the vest and it was pretty hard to create it really fitting, but with a lot of changes and patience it worked out in the end. (These curly parts are just glued by the way.)

Again slowly all parts come together. Benni was so nice to buy me a second and adjustable dressform, so at least I was able to fix it there and it was much easier to work now.

And finally I had to finish the pauldrons. Oh, I hated them. I hated them SO much and all the sanding was just awful. It was still okay to build two for my own costume, but to repeat all this work for a third and even a fouth pauldron just made me crazy. And I’m sure Benni didn’t really enjoy this part too. Despite of this, this workstep had a postive point: I was asked many many times to explain or show how my husband paints all my props and armors and this time I recorded it for you.
So… just enjoy! :)

And that’s the final result. You see, his pauldrons are just a bit bigger than mine, but I hate this crazy oversized pauldrons ingame and decided to build them smaller than in my reference. At least I’m able to transport them and Benni won’t need to wear tons of expanding foam and paper mache on his shoulders.

After many conventions I learned, that you are not able to go in costume without some stuff for costume emergency, a camera and some sweets and because a rucksack would just look stupid, I decied to sew a bag. A super cool bag! And here it is. For the Alliance!

Well… and now it’s pretty late, but just some tiny details are missing. As you can see, I’m pretty much done so far and it’s time to add the last details, fill the suitcase now and hope that I won’t forget anything. And then… let’s have an awesome time in Los Angeles!

(Just follow the pink lights at the first day and visit me at the Crpytozoic booth for an awesome WoW TCG demo on the second day!)

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