Puh, some weeks past, I’m just relaxing a bit and enjoy my new freetime and collect new energy for new projects. Almost everything for this year is done and it’s just awesome to be able to go without any stress and bad feeling to bed. No deadlines, no convention stress, but also no action. Well, almost.
I’m pretty proud of this cosplay year and it’s just awesome that I was able to finish so many projects. Alexstrasza was an awesome project and I really learned a lot because of her. In addition she is still on my side at Cryptozoics WoW Trading Card events in Europe.
Alexstrasza - World of Warcraft
My Wizard was a pretty spontanous and quick project, but even grew my anticipation to Diablo III which beta I’m playing at the moment.
Wizard - Diablo III
And despite of my lack of motivation to finish my and my husband’s Druid Tier 9 it was just awesome to share my passion for cosplay with him at Blizzcon.
Blizzcon 2011 – Night Elf Druids
Three of these four costumes were not planned but were finished. On the other hand planned costumes like Beleth from Lineage II or Demon Hunter from Diablo III were not finished, but I hope they’ll get the chance in the next year.
In addition, I guess I never travelled so much in one year. Paris, London, Poznan (Poland), Rimini (Italy), Los Angeles, Atlanta and many cities in Germany. Thanks to Cryptozoic and Apotheosis Agency I got the chance to see many awesome places all over the world, had a lot of wonderful time with players and spent a great time with the staff there. And I got the chance earn money with my biggest passion: Cosplay! I guess, only this point is already pretty amazing.
Now my way will lead me to the grand final, the showdown, the World Championship in Rotterdam and give me the chance to meet some of the most talentended players all over the world. And to show them their limits. We’ll see how many players will find the courage to challenge the Dragon Queen and even be able to defeat her! Well, I already cannot wait for the very first match!
And what’s left when the last job of this year is done? Well, a cute little convention a week later will follow, but it ends for this cosplay season. As always I’m working on some tutorials, some articles for different magazines, but that’s all. Is is?
Well, a cosplayers life is never relaxing, never stressless and never boring. At least not mine! I already startet the planning phase for my next projects and I promise, you’ll love it! I’m still searching for the right materials, collect tutorials which maybe will help me and the most important point, I try to get some references.
The first project for this winter is Soridormi from World of Warcraft and the reference is… well, how should I say? Just awful!
And the second project is even better!
These are my second and pretty poor references:
Yepp, that’s all. These little pixels made me just crazy in the last week. I already found out, that it’s a Blizzard crossover, which should mix the awesomes designs of a Protoss from Starcraft II and a Wizard from Diablo III into one super cool Battle.net portrait. As far as I know that’s all and nothing more will follow. So it’s in my hands to not only bring this character to live, but also design the rest of this character. However I know that this project will be just awesome and I would LOVE to show it at the next Blizzcon!
Well, and there are some more ideas in my mind and I’m sure, that not later than the publish of Diablo III and the delivery of my Collectors Edition and the artbook inside I will find new ideas. And then there is still the new WoW and Starcraft II addon. Oh god, so much to do! I need to start pretty soon!
So you guys see that I need to hurry again, despite of I just finished everything and want to relax a bit. But a cosplayers life is always full of stress, full of adventure and full of pain! No time to cry or sleep!
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