Vanessa is done and it’s time to relax a bit again. I already started with a new project, but now there is no need to stress. My daggers for Vanessa still needs some love, but it should be no problem to give them a paint job till the next convention, the bookfair in Leipzig in two weeks. However I don’t want to become as lazy as I was in winter and so try to use my time as well as possible.
Convention time is slowly coming in Germany and so I used the first free weekend to help others with their own projects at my first workshop for this year. It was held at the Kostümspiel, a cosplay shop of one of my partners and I’ve got the chance to explain and teach some very nice cosplayers my materials, techniques and gave them advices for their own costumes.
The shop is pretty small compared to huge conventions rooms I was able to fill before (guess, my record were about 500 people at Connichi last year! XD), but it was much more easier to talk with the attendees directly and answer all of their questions.
After the workshop I kept some questions in mind and noticed, that I also had a lot of problems with them when I created my very first pauldron. One of them was how to find the right patterns of tight armor parts like bracers, helmets or breast plates. Maybe many of you already have a great method and it was never a problem for you, but I made a lof of mistakes and failed a lot because of wrong patterns. Now I also use a really easy and well working method and wanted to share it with you. I’m always so thankful when I find tutorials which helps me for my own projects and so I also want to help you! (And don’t forget to active the subtitles please!)
I still have more tutorials in mind and hope to be able to show you more soon. But at first I keep working on my current project: Soridormi from World of Warcraft. It’s more a little “break costume”. Pretty simple and easy and I use it more to relax a bit again. Especially, because I plan something pretty huge and complicated after this.

So, as always I’m pretty busy and keep on working. Hope you do the same! Summer is coming and the next conventions already waiting for us! :)

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