Oh my, I never can decide which cosplay I shall finish at first, ha ha!
I planned to start with my Soridormi costume some weeks ago, started with the pauldrons and prepared the patterns for the dress until I noticed one important point: When this costume will be done it will be still too cold to wear it in Germany. Fail… So, I moved my plans a bit and chose a projects, which is maybe a bit warmer. Well… at least, I hope so.

So, now it’s time for a Barbarian from Diablo III (like my Wizard this is also an artwork from the awesome Wei Wang).

Hm… well, maybe it is not the best costume to stay warm, but at least it’s a pretty challenging one. I just enjoy to built some armor and this little project is perfect for some fun with Wonderflex. However I’ve never created breastplates or bracers with threedimensional details like skulls and spikes and so I still have some problems.

The breastplate was my first fail of this cosplay. I tried to create the look by adding several Wonderflex sandwitch pieces but it still pretty flat without any shape. Guess, I will redo it completely, but at first I keep on experimenting on smaller pieces.

The right bracer turned out fine. Again I used seperate parts and combinened them at the end. It’s also pretty easy to add details with a further layer of Wonderflex.The spikes were create with Worbla, a thermoplatic material like Wonderflex but without any fabric grid inside. You’ll find more informations about Worbla on the official site.

The left bracer also didn’t turned out like I wished. Like I said I’m still exerimenting and if you check my reference you’ll notice my problem. I just don’t look like the piece on the Barbarian’s arm. Hm… guess, I have to redo it as well.

But at least my left leg armor looks excactly like I planned. Despite of the first tests I’m still not sure how to create everything I need and so I still search for the right materials for this project. Sadly, I’m just not able to make a nice sculpt, make a mold and add some scary scull copies to the armor since I still didn’t found the right materials in Germany. (And importing this stuff is super expensive…) Well, but maybe I will have more luck in the future. So far I keep on testing my stuff and share my stories with you. :)

And what still left? Hm… I finished the daggers for my Vanessa VanCleef cosplay! I’ve already showed you some of the progress before, but now all pieces of this cool image were put together. Really like this little progress story and I guess, it explains pretty well what I did. But before you ask: Here is the ingredients list.

WoW Modelviewer Screenshot, printed outlines on paper, card board, expanding foam, resin to harden the foam, acrylic texture paste, sanding paper, more resin, gesso, acrylic paint and acylic finish. That’s all!

At this point thanks again to my wonderful husband Benni who give these little daggers a paint job. They turned out just awesome and as always I’m stunned of his skills!

With these daggers I’m finally prepared for a nice photoshoot with Vanessa VanCleef. However at first it’s time for the first event of this year, the Bookfair in Leipzig this weekend. At the start of April you won’t here so much from me, since I’ll start my honeymoons in Tokyo for two weeks. So… I need to find some time, but I’m sure I’ll manage it. I also still have a ton of ideas for costumes and tutorials in mind and cannot wait to show you more stuff. But until then follow my work on facebook and stay busy and creative, guys! See ya soon! :)

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