Oooh, I’m tired! I’m really, REALLY tired! The progress on my Barbarian cosplay from Diablo 3 continued very well, but it was also a lot of work, very exhausting and time consuming. My internship is over now, holidays started and so it was time to hurry with the costume, but now I’m so tired, that I sometimes just need a little break. So… what better time to write a blog entry about my last results?
And as you can see, I started with the first fitting tests. Most parts of the armor were done, so the next step was the fixing. And despite of you can’t see it: The fixing is a point which needs a lot of  tests, adjustments and complete revisions. And it’s the most important point of an armor. First I started just with some leather stripes and just checked the right fitting on my dress form.
Then my armor also needed some more work. I added a lot of fur for a wild, natural look and many D ring buckles for the upcoming fixing. With my last experiences I planned to fix everything with D ring buckles, leather stripes and velcro tape.

I also tried to choose my shoes for the Barbarian well. I mean, what is better? Some sexy boots with heels or more realistic shoes which can be used for a fight in the real world? After a survey on my facebook page I decided to buy the middle and I’m very satisfied with the shoes now. But surely I was not able to use them in their original look. I added some very simple armor, but at the end they looked hopefully like real Barbarian shoes.

And then the first fitting started. Suprisingly my leg armor suits just perfect to my legs and I just love the look it got with at the added fur.

Same for the bracers. Fur, fur, everywhere! And also here everything was fixed with D ring buckles, leather stripes and velcro tape. By the way, I also made a video tutorial about armor fixing.

And then it was time for the very first fitting of my breast plate. Yes, I added details, painted and finished it before I tried it on the first time… but… sometimes I just need some tension, ha ha! But despite of this missing, little detail, it also fitted perfectly!

But after many single fitting tests of bracers, leg armor, breastplates and more, it was finally time for the last, but complete one. I was pretty curious and excited, especially since some parts are still missing like the complete hip armor or details, but in the end… everything got its right place and also stayed there! Wig needs still some styling, I don’t wear any make up and since my weapons need some love, I used my Frostmourne for this photo. Buuuuuuuut… I’m very satisfied! My diet shows slowly its results, shoes were really the right choice and I guess it was also a good idea to build the pauldrons smaller than in the reference. So far the costume still needs some work, but… even I can say that it’s almost done.

And as always: If you want to follow my work live, just take a look at my fanpage on Facebook.

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