Puh, what a week! My costume was done, but now it was time for the weapons. My original plan was to build the big axe and also the pretty detailed sword in the reference of Wei Wangs artwork. And since I wanted to create two weapons in only one week I had to hurry a bit. At the end it took three days to built the sword and gave it a basic paint. The only problem was, Benni also needed three days to improve my painting and give my sword a final, nice look. So… there was no time left for the axe anymore…
Well, but the sword was huge, very detailed and was so pretty at the end, that I was also satiesfied with only one weapon (and now I really, really doubt that I would be able to swing both weapons at the same time!). And I hope you see, that building the sword was really not a hard job. I used a wooden core for the base, carved the shape out of expainding foam, closed the holes with acrylic texture paste, saved the blade with a mantle of Wonderflex and created the details with Worbla. Just three days, not more and not less.
At the end Benni was in charge for the painted details and I really have to say, as always, he made an awesome job!
And that’s the finaly result! I also searched a pretty long time for a fitting name and decided to use “Glowei’s Gift” at the end. Wei Wang aka Glowei, the Blizzard artist of my reference and also of the one for my Wizard, ist just an amazing guy. I met him last year at the Blizzard headquarter and it was a great honour for me to talk with him and see him at work. I also just love all of his artworks and wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration and motivation he gave to me in my own way. So I really hope that you like not just the final prop, but also it’s name.

Yeah, and then it was time to leave the house and take the four hour trip to Gamescom.  I have to say, the only reason for this trip and my rush in the costume progress was the Blizzard costume contest. At the day Blizzard announced it I knew that I just HAD to participate in it! What else can I do, if I create almost only costumes from the Blizzard universe? So the day came when I had to try my costume the very first time one. And: Everything fitted perfectly and even every part of the armor fixing worked exactly like I planned. Sadly I still don’t have any better photos, so I hope that this photo give you a good look of the costume. For the first shooting I really need to add much more blood!

Yeah, well, the costume contest… I won it! I really, really won it! I’m still super excited and thankful and happy and just everything else! It was a great feeling to be on the stage with so many amazing cosplayers. The people at the Blizzard booth were also very nice and helpful and it was amazing to chat with some many talented people there. I also guess I will never forget the moment, when the moderator tried cover me with so many prizes, ha ha! :)
And these are they! I also won a XMG P502 pro gaming notebook, which will be sent to me later. Really cannot wait to play Diablo 3 on this system and visit my Barbarian ingame. Oh yeah, I guess it was worth it to visit Gamescom 2012 and I already cannot wait for the next year!

And now…? No, it’s surely not over yet. Now it’s time to take some nice photoshoots with the Barbarian and start with the next project: Soridormi from World of Warcraft. And 2.5 weeks left, ha ha! So, I hope you guys also stay busy and creative. See you next time! :)

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