Puh, despite of the convention season is almost over I still had a lot to do in my last week:

I started with my new project, Bloodelf Paladin Tier 2 and already working pretty busy on her armor:

(There is more progress, but that’s the final look. As always you’ll find more on my facebook progress page.)
In addition I created a Twitter account, where I share even more progress like pattern creating or just spam progress I wouldn’t share here or on facebook. So if you want to stalk me even better, follow me on Twitter!

Then after many many requests I finally made a new video tutorial. This time I show how you can create an female breastplate out of the new themroplastic material Worbla, or better how I made my Barbarian breastplate. So, I really hope you like it! (And don’t forget to activate the subtitles!) And for more tutorials, just take a look to my youtube channel or my tutorial site here.

In addition I was also finally able to get my own photoshoot (the one before was made buy a professional photographer). Now this time I had full control about the set, the ptotos and the editing and despite of we have no equipment except two EOS 600D I just love the result. And yes, I’m a control freak! That’s the reason why I normally don’t accept photoshoots with other photographers who are not able to give me the full control about the final photos.
But now… just enjoy! :)

This time I tried to show the costume better, but also be more in-character. So since so many of you asked for, there are also some rage photos. While the photoshoot I shouted really a lot, but it was SO much fun! I also wanted to get some heoric, sexy but also feminine photos and be… well, just a strong, sexy and wild Barbarian.

… but also a silly one, who plays guitar on her sword… XD

You’ll find the full photoshoot in my flickr gallery with even more rage photos if you prefer them. Just take a look!

Well… and that’s all so far. At the moment I’ll keep on working on my Paladin, finally relax a bit, will update my websites design a bit, have many plans and looking forward for Mists of Pandaria now. Hope you’ll have also a great time and see ya next time! :)
Maybe we’ll meet us at IberAnime in Oporto!

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