And I’m working and working! Last week, after some fixing experiments, I was finally able to finish the base of my boot armor. I still need to find a way to close the gap between the feet armor and the leg armor, but so far I’m satiesfied with the result. The feet armor consists of separate parts and so there are no problems by moving my feet.
The next step were the bracers. It consists of many layers of Worbla and I guess it’s a good example to show how much material you need if you’ll plan to use Worbla or Wonderflex for your next armor parts. It was also pretty hard for me before I made my very first Wonderflex order and since this stuff is pretty expensive, you need to plan well. A way to do this is to cut out all of the parts out of craft foam and then transfer your pattern onto Worbla plus a little bit of extra space. You’ll need two pieces of Worbla for each craft form piece. Also order always more than you expect you will need. It’s just annoying if you have to buy the material again and just have to wait at first for the delivery before you are able to keep on working.
Well, and these are the final bracers. They surely still need more details and ornaments, but I guess I will think about it when all armor parts are done.
And now it’s time for the pauldrons. I’ve already made so many pauldrons in my life, that I already have no idea how many of them are in my cosplay closet now. Despite everyone of them needs it’s own planning, contruction idea and design. I already started with the expanding foam base today, but at the moment I have no idea how to bring the whole armor part to life. I just always keep on working, searching for inspiration and progress of other cosplayers and try to find my own way at the end. A construction doesn’t really need to be planned from the first to the last step. It can be also a slow progress, which reveals the right solution on it’s way.
And then there was a piece I’m very, very proud of: Like for my Asmodian artwork…
… Benni also tried to bring my Barbarian to life with some photomanipulation. Many of you told me that they miss some rage in my last photoshoot. So I screamed like hell in the new one. And that’s the result of a fitting background (official artwork from Diablo III) and some wild Barbarian rage. I just love the finished artwork and I hope you’ll do the same!
Well, and that’s all so far. Now it’s time to keep on working on my Paladin and as always, stay busy and creative, guys! See you next time! :)
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