Want to make armor yourself? Now you can!

For the last few years I was getting so many messages every day, asking for tips and for advice about cosplay making that even if I tried to, I could not answer them all. Emails, Facebook Messages and Tweets were piling up and it really bothered me that I didn’t had the time to help everyone since I always try to help as much as I can – while still reserving some time to work on my own projects of course!

That’s why I decided it was a good idea to answer all of your questions at once by packing my entire cosplay making knowledge and cramming it into cosplay making tutorial books for you guys. Even though you can find mostly all of my tutorials scattered all over my Facebook feed, website and Youtube, it takes time to find the one you are looking for and let’s be honest – who has the time to go and search for stuff on the web when you can all have all the knowledge neatly structured and nicely visualized in one place? That’s why I grabbed myself a few Worbla cookies and sat down to write down everything I know about making costumes, searched through my old progress pictures, made new pictures, step by step tutorials on specific work steps and asked my lovely husband/designer/always-helper Benni to make it all pretty to look at and easy to read. After the help of a few proof readers (thank you all!) the first volume “The Book of Cosplay Armor Making” was finally done!



Inside my first volume you can find all you need to know about making cosplay armor out of thermoplastic materials like Worbla or Wonderflex, including planning, pattern making, forming the pieces, editing the surface, attaching your armor, transporting it and a few work examples.

But what follows after you built your armor? Right making it pretty by painting it with wonderful colors! That’s why I didn’t wait long to write the second volume: “The Book of Cosplay Painting”, which includes chapters like tools, painting three-dimensional, painting metallics and organics, weathering, sealing as well as work examples.







Both of my books are now available as digital downloads for your tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop as well as pretty printed versions if you prefer to actually hold your book in your hands. Both versions can be found in my store here on the website or directly at:

Both versions are also available in English as well as German and I am working on a Italian version as you are reading this as well as thinking about making a Spanish version depending whether I can find good translators, so hopefully nobody will be missing out!

I still haven’t covered everything I wanted to say, so there are still a few more books planned at the moment. Next up is “The Book of Cosplay Prop and Weapon Making”, in which I’ll cover techniques for building props for your costumes, since what is a big bad-ass Barbarian without his proper bloodthirsty sword? What is the Doctor without a Screwdriver? What am I without my hot air gun?

In the last one I’ll try to cover things like electronics, LED-lights and special effects, but I haven’t decided exactly what will be inside yet. When everything is done, which can still take a little bit of time, since I also still want to make new costumes I’ll pack everything into one big collectors editions which will be the big “Cosplay Armor and Weapon Making and Painting Bible with Electronics, Special Effects and Unicorns” Collectors Edition that should answer all of your wildest questions that you then don’t have to send to me anymore since you already know everything and are already getting invited to events since you make such awesome costumes! Yes! That’s the plan!


And that’s the whole idea behind my books! Cosplay for me is a big community where everybody can share their knowledge freely and have fun together, since at the end of the day we are all just the same types of people liking the same stupid nerdy stuff for whatever reason and we are enjoying the hell out of it together :)

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