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Want to build cool breastplates for your costumes? Easy! Use these handy patterns to get started! This collection includes:

  • Sexy Breastplate
  • Bikini Breastplate
  • Corset Breastplate
  • Space Breastplate
  • Fully-Closed Breastplate

All patterns are based on my own size EU 38/40 or US 8/10 but can be easily altered to smaller or larger sizes by changing the seams!

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This pattern collection includes:

  • Sexy Breastplate
  • Bikini Breastplate
  • Corset Breastplate
  • Space Breastplate
  • Fully-Closed Breastplate

I recommend using 5mm low density EVA foam (high density works too) as well as contact cement to create these breastplates. Other materials (like Worbla) work as well of course!

All patterns are based on my own size EU 38/40 or US 8/10 but can be easily altered to smaller or larger sizes by changing the seams! Cup size is around EU C/D, but this can be also altered! My underbust is 80cm and waist 70cm. You can widen the breastplate by adding a few centimetres at the marked attachment option seams. I made the breastplates with 5mm EVA foam and glued them together with contact cement. You can find more instructions on how to make costume pieces and props in my tutorial books or on my YouTube channel.

Just use these patterns as a base and add your own designs and details!

Please choose your correct printer size between European DIN-A4 (21×29.7cm) or US/Canada letter (8.5x11inch).

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Letter (8.5x11in), Din A4 (21×29.7cm)

40 reviews for Female Breastplate Pattern Collection – DOWNLOAD|PDF

  1. Annie

    How can I hold/fix the breastplate on the chest? Without using shoulders strips

    Purchase not verified.

  2. Marco Quero

    Super useful template, with a little of inventive you can do anything with these. Thank you

    Verified purchase.


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    Verified purchase.

  4. Alexis Micunek

    Boobie cups are so annoying to make but these pattern take away all the frustration, i’ve used all of these chest patterns and they’re easy to print, cut, and construct. absolutely love using these, thank you so much for making these so accessible to everyone!

    Verified purchase.

  5. Doris Torres

    I bought this pattern and for the full cover chest armor. The patterns are great but very difficult to resize along with how to attach the cups. I did watch the video but that had only shown one of patterns not the other. I’m a petite girl so sadly I feel like I really cant use these patterns.

    Verified purchase.

  6. Nikolai Snow

    These patterns helped me so much in that they were the perfect starting base for my cosplay. Instructions were easy to follow! Thanks kamui and Benni!

    Verified purchase.

  7. Rhea Renzow

    Really great patterns and easy to modify!

    Verified purchase.

  8. Jaci Mitchell

    These patterns are absolutely perfect and so easy to put together! Thank you for taking the time to make these, Kamui!

    Verified purchase.

  9. Alayda

    Thanks a lot! It served me a lot, it saved me time and it looked great!

    Verified purchase.

  10. michelle.ljungh

    This is amazing! Very easy to follow like always, and also fun to alter in to any pattern you can imagine. Perfect in every way – thank you so much Kamui!

    Verified purchase.

  11. Andy

    Perfect for what I needed! Thanks!

    Verified purchase.

  12. Anita Gander

    Great patterns and easily modified to whatever costume needed.
    I use this for my Lady Sif Cosplay and it works so far.
    Very happy first-time-foam-cosplayer here. Thx!

    Verified purchase.

  13. April Mills

    Thank you so much Kamui!! This will be perfect for so many projects I want to work on!! You are amazing and I love watching your video tutorials!!

    Verified purchase.

  14. April Mills

    Thank you so much for having these available!! I am just trying to get into foamsmithing and this helps tremendously!! Can’t wait to get to work!

    Verified purchase.

  15. Tiffany Cox

    Using the dragon shoulder armor for ren fest for my first foam build! It took me a few tries because i had the wrong glue and then i mistakenly glued something backwards, but that wasnt the patterns fault that was just because its my first time. These patterns are extremely easy to use! thank you kamui!

    Purchase not verified.

  16. Inken

    Great patterns! I‘m a visual learner and seeing those helped me so much

    Verified purchase.

  17. Kaylee-jo Zontok

    Wonderful product! I am extremely pleased. I have also noticed the improvement of your books and patterns in both style and detail, Svetlana! Thanks and congrats on your good work. :)

    Verified purchase.

  18. CristinaRLP

    I’m going to write in spanish, because there are lots of spanish people who loves you a lot, and maybe they don’t speak english.
    Estos patrones son MARAVILLOSOS si vas a empezar a manejar foam o worbla. A mí me han salvado la vida! ;)
    Son muy claros y fáciles de usar, aunque no tengas conocimientos previos.
    100% recomendables.

    Thnak you so much, Kamui!!!!!

    Verified purchase.

  19. Shanaya

    Absolutely love this!!! Saved me so much time making my first full breast armor!

    Verified purchase.

  20. jasev123

    I have almost completed my first build. This pattern book along with your youtube channel has been a huge help. Thank you.

    Verified purchase.

  21. phillicia jack

    Very easy to follow and customizable

    Verified purchase.

  22. Krissi

    I used the Fully-Closed Breastplate for my Solar Eclipse Leona and it saved so much time, because I’m very bad at making pattern, haha
    I’m pretty sure I’ll use the other Breastplates as well some day!
    Thank you Kamui ♥

    Verified purchase.

  23. Aleksandra

    I’m overall happy with it, looks great when assembled. BUT. There are mistakes in the captions of seams. I only checked the corset pattern and it’s pretty bad. On the page where they are all laid out the seam on boob cup has D2 on both sides, and on the life size print pages the captions are all messed up. Still managed to make the piece, but would be easier to do if there were no mistakes ;)

    Verified purchase.

    • Benni

      Thanks for your feedback! You are correct, I accidentally swapped two numbers on the corset pattern. Luckily it’s only this one error. I’ll fix it and upload a corrected version soon! Sorry about that! <3

  24. Daniella

    I am a huge fan of all of your builds, and am super excited to use your knowledge and skill to help me on my own foamsmithing journey!

    Purchase not verified.

  25. triciaarlenethecosplayqueen

    I AM SO EXCITED TO USE THESE PATTERNS!!! The templates are fantastic and come with easy to use instructions. I love that they have a very opaque watermark because there are art thieves out there! Super smart of them AND it doesn’t get in the way AT ALL! I love this shop and what Kamui and Benni do. Please never stop doing what you love!
    PS: I’ll be using a pattern to make an armored Starfire, I’ll definitely be tagging Kamui in the future photos!!
    -Arlene Paige Cosplays

    Verified purchase.

  26. dafna.shaulson

    Love it!! So many different designs for different projects, it’s really good for people who need help with building armours!

    Verified purchase.

  27. shellbygrove

    I love these patterns it just what i need for my thor cosplay but i haven’t received the email with the download link im sure this will be fixed but im slightly worried

    Purchase not verified.

    • Benni

      Hey there! Hope we sorted this out already! Please just write us via email to when you have problems with your order. Then we can help out quickly! Thanks! :)

  28. mina.j.strand

    Helped me so much with creating armour builds

    Verified purchase.

  29. Bridget

    While I just paid for this, I’m pretty unhappy that there is a giant black logo taking up half of every other page. Since I paid for it, I would expect this to not be there. Not happy. Might as well have found it and not paid for it.

    Verified purchase.

    • Benni

      Hey Bridget!

      Thank you for your feedback! The logo you are speaking of is just a watermark at 3% opacity. It shouldn’t at all distract from the pattern. Sometimes when you open the PDf with a lesser known PDF reader the watermark can appear darker. I suggest using Adobe Acrobat to open it. If you are still unhappy with your purchase, I am happy to offer you a full refund. <3

  30. aframizaja

    Great pattern!

    Verified purchase.

  31. Natasha

    I these GREAT! This plus your female body armor pattern has helped me improve my cosplays. I’m not as intimidated by breastplates now. Thank you!!

    Verified purchase.

  32. kati.henderson13

    This is the best thing since sliced bread. I am horrible at patterns. Super easy to use.

    Verified purchase.

  33. Jessica Tang

    I think I’m a little petite for the patterns, but I just modded them to fit my body size.
    They’re awesome!

    Verified purchase.

  34. mnauska59

    Thank you very much, now is making breastplate more easier :) especially for begginers

    Verified purchase.

  35. Anna

    Thanks for the patterns Kamui, they’re perfect to my armors!

    Purchase not verified.

  36. girljennifer

    As a beginner these patterns are super helpful, they are perfect :) Thank you for sharing them!

    Verified purchase.

  37. valerivera118

    The Fully-Closed Breastplate is the perfect pattern to start my Legion Armor set from Kingdoms of Amalur <3 Thank you so much Svetlana and Benni!!

    Verified purchase.

  38. Danielle

    Thank you so much Kamui! I have always had such a hard time shaping breast plate armor and you just made my life soooo much easier. I can’t wait to try these out for my next build!

    Verified purchase.

  39. Paulina

    This is perfect to take reference for my armor builds, Thank you so much Kamui!

    Purchase not verified.

  40. Sofia

    Thank you so much Kamui! this is exactly what i needed for my Wonder Woman corset, I couldn’t figure out how to do it myself for the lack of experience. Thanks again!

    Verified purchase.

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