ANTHEM (Commissioned)

This costume was a collaboration with EA and I really enjoyed creating the outfit, the Hammerhead rifle and the Ranger Javelin helmet. The rifle clearly had an interesting design that I haven’t done like that before. The Freelancer outfit was also really fun to make and will be a great costume to wear at conventions – it’s comfy but still elaborate at the same time. Adding all those tiny details and layers onto it was the biggest challenge, but I’m happy I can use my own hair again! Finally the helmet was the most fun part! Creating it completely out of foam was not easy, but a nice opportunity to level up my skills when it comes to working with Pepakura files! Since it doesn’t make sense the wear the helmet without the Javelin, I’m not able to put my head inside or even see through, but it’s supposed to only be a prop for photos anyway and it makes my costume more recognizable, especially since you don’t often see the Freelancer in the game. You’ll find the full making-of videos of this costume below! Hope they will help and inspire you for your own projects! ?

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